Here's what Google announced at its 2017 I/O conference

Android O beta launched New features and changes
Google I/O 2017: 'Android O' beta version released - new features and updates

20 May, 2017

Apart from Android O delivering fluid experiences, Google has discussed the vitals of Android O. Image recognition software will identify your friends and suggest you share pictures with them.

Android Go is set to make its appearance in 2018 and will target Android devices with memories up to and including 1 GB.

Google Assistant is expanding beyond Android to iOS.

The Google Home smart speaker will now be able to provide notifications to users based on the relevance of the information, but these will only be visible when prompted by the user directly.

If you were up in arms over Netflix's latest move that put itself against the Android enthusiast and modding community, you might want to borrow a few more arms to raise.

Google is also adding a feature to Photos to create soft-cover and hard-cover albums of pictures at prices beginning at $9.99. Google Assistant can't tap into those features, although you can search for Apple Music songs and it will send you to that app.

So it might be a win-win situation for both Google and its partners. If the user asks for the location of a place, Google Home will be able to open Maps on the phone and show it to the user directly. Ahead of that, however, Google plans to incorporate aspects of Android Go's goals into the next version of its OS, Android O, expected to be released later this summer. Android O have boosted Artificial Intelligence with enhanced security. However, this includes Android Wear, Android TVs, and Android Auto beside smartphones.

At Google I/O, Samant highlighted the fact that India now has more Android users than the US.

Now we're hearing about Android Go, and how it's also going to revolutionize the Android experience for people who are just about to buy their first smartphone, or have limited budgets in developing regions where their phone is perhaps their only computer.

Google has also introduced a new way to get offers from your favorite stores.

This experience is powered by our smart tap technology, which Walgreens has fully deployed across their 8,000+ USA stores'. Now, Google has updated the Google Play Console to make it easier for all developers to do the same thing... It looks like there's a new feature in there that enables developers to exclude their application or game from people depending on an additional number of variables.

In an onstage demonstration, Google showed a future where you could hold up your smartphone as you walk through a hardware store, and be directed by Google to the product you're after, without ever having to talk to or find an attendant.

Written by Mike Murphy, a technology reporter at Quartz.

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